Community Impact

At Boundless Blooms, we seek to empower caregivers, parents and kids alike so that they can be the best versions of themselves with the tools that we create. And access is at the core for us because we care about making a positive difference in this world. 

Since launching, we have partnered with non-profit organizations and schools to make our products available to kids in lower income and underserved communities, because every child deserves to have access to these developmental tools.

Our Incredible Community Partners

Girls Build, LA Promise Fund

Girls Build, an initiative of LA Promise Fund, challenges young women from public middle and high schools across the country to make an impact in their community and ensure that their voices are heard. Every year, teams of female students from public middle and high schools apply to be a Girls Build team. They identify an issue they face in their lives and through the program, envision and implement a solution to effect positive change in their communities in one of the three core impact areas: Health & Wellness, Civic Engagement & Leadership, ​and STEM & College Access.

"Partnering with Boundless Blooms proved to be game-changing for Girls Build teams throughout Los Angeles, who utilized Boundless Blooms' Mindful Moments as a tool to practice self-care, as well as to spread mental health and wellness awareness throughout their schools, families, and communities. They now have a critical tool for building mental/emotional regulation and resilience, which continues to serve them during the COVID-19 crisis, the unique challenges of which are compounded for Girls Build participants who are predominantly students of color from underserved backgrounds. It has been a joy to bear witness to how our students and educators engage so meaningfully with the utility as well as the design of Mindful Moments. On their behalf, I hope to convey our collective gratitude to Boundless Blooms for their targeted and empathetic approach to teaching mindfulness, the lessons of which we've committed to pass onto others in turn."

~ Scarlett Park, Program Manager - Girls Build | LA Promise Fund

Los Angeles Unified School District, School Mental Health

LAUSD School Mental Health (SMH) professionals promote the mental health, well-being, and academic achievement for the second largest school district in the nation (over 600,000 students). SMH professionals support positive student connections with peers, family, school, and community by facilitating student development and helping them to successfully deal with problems, crises, or traumatic experiences. Furthermore, SMH professionals foster resiliency by promoting healthy relationships, self-reflection, and problem-solving skills to optimize school success.

"Boundless Blooms has invested in School Mental Health to enhance our student and staff’s understanding and practice of mindfulness utilizing the Mindful Moments cards. Boundless Blooms was gracious enough to support several Mental Wellness Fairs on campuses engaging students in mindfulness activities to positively support their mental and academic health. Students were engaged with the Mindful Moments cards which taught focus and the growth of building calm in their lives. As the world pivoted into a virtual world Boundless Blooms pivoted with us along the journey. Boundless Blooms trained all of our amazing Psychiatric Social Workers and our intern program this year utilizing a virtual platform through their virtual took kit. The virtual cards offered tangible exercises to support mindfulness as a practice with inspirational mantras and intentions. The Mindful Moments cards are a vehicle to build resilience, improve social emotional skills, and help us all connect to the present moment. Thank you Kaajal and Boundless Blooms for investing in us so that we may invest and teach others. Boundless Blooms has made a community impact across School Mental Health from students, to staff, to parents. Thank you for your continual investment as we all need a moment of reflection and inspiration!"

~ Sally Stevens, LCSW, PPSC, M.Ed. - LAUSD School Mental Health

Jumpstart - University of California, Los Angeles

Jumpstart, an AmeriCorps program for UCLA undergraduates promotes literacy among preschool students. Jumpstart advances equitable learning outcomes for young children in underserved communities by providing children with high-quality, developmentally appropriate experiences and supportive interactions with well-trained adults. They have prepared over 133,000 children for kindergarten success across the US.

"Incorporating Boundless Blooms’ Mindful Moments into our curriculum has opened the door for our corps members to begin the discussion of mindfulness in connection to social emotional development for the preschool classrooms we serve in. The exercises can be implemented at a developmentally appropriate level so that preschoolers can follow along at home while the corps members demonstrate each activity. Our corps members also learn about practicing mindfulness while preparing the activities for the kids. Even though the age group corps members serve through Jumpstart is kids from ages 3-5, we fully believe it’s never too early to begin the practice of mindfulness to help understand emotions and learn healthy coping strategies for processing those emotions. Mindful Moments helps both our kids and our corps members. With strong social emotional skills, the kids we serve will be able to learn self-regulation from an early age resulting them in being better prepared for elementary school when they make that transition. Additionally, the corps members learn the benefits of practicing mindfulness and learn how to adapt the activities they practice with the kids into their own lives to increase focus to become better college students. We are incredibly thankful for the partnership we have with Boundless Blooms and for Kaajal’s continued collaboration!"

~ Andrew Hawkins Jumpstart UCLA

Change the Tune

Change the Tune is a non-profit that was founded to serve the children of South Los Angeles through a multidisciplinary STEAM, Entrepreneurship, and Social Emotional Learning Lab that arms youth with 21st-century social, vocational, and entrepreneurial skills. In light of COVID-19, they took their efforts online and expanded their reach across California and Arizona through their free summer program. By taking a holistic approach to education, Change the Tune strives to empower kids with the tools and skills so they can effectively navigate their academic experiences, careers, and life.

"Collaborating with Boundless Blooms has been an incredible way to enhance our social and emotional learning curriculum. Not only did the students enjoy having their own Mindful Moments cards so that they could strengthen their practice on their own, but it was a treat for them to (virtually) meet with Kaajal and hear about her entrepreneurial journey and how practicing mindfulness has impacted her life. When engaging in the mindfulness exercises from Mindful Moments, the students shared that they felt calmer and liked learning tools to soothe themselves and have more clarity of mind. We love working with organizations that align with our values and look forward to collaborating with Boundless Blooms in the future!" 

~ Charli Kemp, Founder of Change the Tune and Doctoral Candidate at Harvard University

Palisades Jewish Early Childhood Center

mindful kids in classroom

Palisades Jewish Early Childhood Center is an early education non-profit that strives to create opportunities for young children to become creators, artists, scientists, musicians, builders, and visionaries. It is a place where young children discover creative and nurturing experiences and develop a love for learning while building a strong foundation for social, emotional, academic, and physical growth. Students engage in a collaborative, hands-on learning in an environment that fosters curiosity, reflection and resilience.

"I was lucky enough to have wonderful Kaajal from Boundless Blooms visit and implement her phenomenal Mindful Moments cards in my 2 /3 year-old preschool class. Kaajal has an amazing energy about her - from the moment she came in she was calm and gathered. This allowed the students to follow her guidance and truly experience the calming affects of the Mindful Moments exercises. Kaajal has a superb way of capturing the children’s minds using her beautifully created cards. The Mindful Moments cards are colorful and filled with mindfulness exercises as well as conversation starters for children of all ages. They allow each child to create and exercise mindfulness in their own special way. I could not say enough about Kaajal and her mastermind creation to introduce mindfulness to kids! Thank you for sharing and creating these unforgettable moments with us!" 

~ Shirly Bendavid, Preschool teacher