Mindful Moments: Hoppy Bunny Exercise

Through mindful movement, we can bring awareness to the movements of our body as well as our breath. Active exercises like Hoppy Bunny draw a stronger connection to how our breath and the beating of our hearts can change based on how we choose to move. This exercise is loved by kids of all ages for many reasons. Not only do we get to pretend that we're bouncy little bunnies, but it also: 

🐰helps us expend energy,
🐰sets up a contrast so we can observe how our body feels pre and post-movement,
🐰enhances our awareness of how we can use our breath to restore calm in our bodies,
🐰helps us notice how our body feels when we move in different ways.

Before we begin our mindfulness practice we like to bring our awareness to our body, often in a fun and playful way. We love starting off the Hoppy Bunny exercise by wiggling our bunny noses and shaking our little bunny tails. After all, mindfulness is meant to be enjoyable, and the giggles and laughs are the cherry on top!

Here's how it works:
🐰 Take a moment to notice your breathing and your heartbeat.
🐰 Get into "bunny mode" - ready to start hopping like a bunny rabbit.
🐰 As you hop around, say out loud "Hop like a bunny, hop, hop, hop."
🐰 Try hopping in place, in circles, forwards, and backwards. Do what feels good!
🐰 After a minute or so, pause and notice how your breathing and heartbeat have changed. How does your body feel?
🐰 Think about how it felt to hop like a bunny. Did you enjoy it?
🐰 Take a few slow, deep breaths to close out the practice.

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