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Introduce your students to mindfulness through mindful play. The Mindful Moments exercises and affirmations card deck offers easy, fun, and quick opportunities to build mindfulness skills in the classroom. Read on for tips on how you can help your children learn tools to support social-emotional learning, empathy, kindness, curiosity, creativity, and resilience.

Mindful Tips

  • Establish agreements. Come up with 3-4 agreements with your students as you begin to introduce mindfulness in the classroom. For example, "I'll try everything at least once" encourages them to be curious and open to noticing how doing a certain exercise has them feel.
  • Start by taking a few deep breaths. Begin with belly breaths to settle in and get centered. Inhale slowly through nose, letting belly fill up with air, hold for a moment, and then exhale slowly through mouth.
  • Do what feels good. Have kids listen to their bodies. If an exercise includes something that is not possible for them or feels unpleasant, have them explore ways to do the exercise in a way that best suits them.
  • Build consistency. A daily practice for at least a few minutes per day is recommended; however, you can identify specific times that suits your schedule.

Let's Get Mindful!

Here is a PDF of some of the most loved, most requested mindfulness exercises by kids.




Complete Mindful Moments Card Deck

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